An insight into life as an agent

There are no two days the same, but that is what most agents will say they love about the job…

Morning meeting

The day always starts with a morning meeting to discuss key situations from the day before and important topics like new instructions due to come on the market and offers that are in negotiation.

On top of that will be a team discussion to plan future maildrops and online marketing.

Viewing feedback and reporting offers

The first task of the day is to call the viewers from the previous day to see what they thought and report this to our clients, along with any offers that may have come in overnight.

This will also double up as a chance to report issues at the property and suggest any actions that could be taken to improve our chances of securing a buyer or tenant.

Progressing your pipeline

For many property consultants, this is a key part of their day.  Making sure their pipeline is moving in the right direction is an essential task.  But at the same time, they are keeping an eye out for any difficult situations that may be about to surface.

So, whether it is chasing a mortgage broker for their client’s mortgage offer, or calling a solicitor to make sure they have answered another solicitors enquires, this is a key part of the day that makes the difference between a good and bad agent!

New business…

By now it is late morning and time to prepare for valuations and viewings that will be taking place on the day.

But it is also the time to put the hard work into prospecting for new instructions, the lifeblood of a successful agency.

Database management is the key to a good agent.

Regular contact with your database of hot buyers is the key to building your future pipeline. Whether that involves calling applicants with new properties that have come onto the market or just picking up the phone to say a quick hello to tell them they are at the forefront of your mind.

This is the groundwork that builds relationships and makes an applicant confident that you are looking for their next home.

Viewings and valuations…

This is a great part of the day, getting out of the office meeting people, learning about their circumstances and reasons for moving.

There is nothing like the buzz you feel from finding the solution to your client’s needs.

What are the best parts of the job?

It has to be meeting so many different people.  From hearing the excitement when you tell a buyer their offer has been accepted, through to the joy of watching buyers and sellers on completion day.

Completion days are not always full of happiness for all clients and there will often be a situation where you see their sadness and emotions as they say goodbye to great memories.

Being thanked by clients for helping them throughout their journey is very rewarding.

What are the least favourite parts?

The two least favourite parts of this job must be dealing with difficult clients that are impossible to please and having to call your seller to inform them there is a problem with their buyer.

But we always say, ‘Do everything in your power to do the job to the best of your ability and a client will see you have gone that extra mile, whatever situation you are presenting them with’.