Getting a Mortgage

One of the biggest financial decisions you will want to get right first time.

Important factors you should consider before starting your property search?

Find the right mortgage that works for you.

Every bank is different.  They will all have their own set of requirements that a buyer will have to fit into before qualifying for a mortgage product they offer.

This can range from how much deposit you have, or if you are employed or self-employed.  Some lenders will lend higher amounts than others, or even refuse to lend at all if you have any bad credit.

You will need to find out which lenders will consider providing you with a mortgage that has the best terms for your own personal circumstances.

Reason 1

Do not wait until you have found a property…

There may be many options for you in the mortgage marketplace, so it is important to find the best mortgage that suits you and not the lender.

Don’t get caught having to make quick hasty decisions accepting a mortgage deal because you’ve found a property you don’t want to lose!

Doing your homework before starting your property search could save you a huge amount of money every month for many years?

Reason 2

Save yourself valuable time…

Imagine how much time you will spend, trolling through property sites, looking at different areas, speaking to estate agents, and viewing properties?

What if you do all this and then you find out you cannot borrow as much as you thought you could?

Reason 3

Avoid unnecessary upset…

Buying a property is often classed as one of the top three most stressful occasions in someone’s lifetime.

Do the groundwork first so that when you find a property you want to buy you can make an offer with the confidence that the mortgage won’t let you down.

Why put yourself through the upset of finding out you are not able to buy the home you have set your heart on?

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