How to make an offer

This page will guide you through the process…

Put yourself in the best position

When you make an offer, we will register your interest with the seller and send you a link to complete our Offer to Buy form.

This form will require you to provide the details of your offer, whether there are any conditions your offer is subject to, and your buying position.  This will include confirming the amount of your deposit, the mortgage lender you intend to use if you need one, and details of your solicitor if you have one in place.

What happens next?

When you have returned your completed offer form, we will present the information you have provided to the seller and report back to you with their response.

The best advice we can give before making an offer is to make sure you have everything in place, as this could be the difference between securing a property and losing out to someone who did their groundwork first.

It is the law to report all offers we receive to the seller. But if there is one thing we have learned over the years, a seller will always favour the offer from the buyer that provides the most information about their position.

Register your offer

We have created this online tool so that you can register your interest at a time that suits you, whether our offices are open or closed.

Don’t worry, this part isn’t legally binding in any way, it simply shows us your interest in the property and a property consultant will contact you to discuss your offer before sending you a link to complete our offer To Buy form.

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