Has your rental got mould? Where does it all come from?

Posted 22.11.21

When do you get mould?

When the air gets cold and it cannot hold all the moisture produced by everyday activities, it converts this moisture into tiny droplets of water, typically seen on windows on a cold morning.  It can also be seen on mirrors when you have a bath or shower and on cold surfaces such as tiles or cold walls and ceilings.  The usual reason for mould to appear is prolonged condensation, lack of heat and ventilation.

Did you know the average family can produce over 20 pints of water droplets inside their home every day!

Mould is most commonly found in bathrooms and bedrooms, but it can appear around any window frame, behind furniture, under mattresses, on ceilings and walls, including doors and floors.  It can also very often be found in your wardrobe, on your clothes, shoes and bags!

If a property is without a regular source of good fresh air and an ambient temperature, you will definitely see condensation forming and then within a very short period, you will find that mould will start to appear!

What can you do to help?

  • Open the curtains and windows every day to achieve good ventilation.
  • Use your bathroom/kitchen extractor fans.
  • Wipe any condensation from your windows and surfaces EVERY day.
  • Keep your property warm – it doesn’t need to be roasting.
  • Be mindful to ventilate when drying washing.

Did you know that just by drying your clothes indoors can release 9 pints of water moisture into the air?

If you do not help water moisture to evaporate or wipe it away then you will see mould appear.

For more advice, we have produced a Useful guide.

Angela Finn
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Angela Finn


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