Securing & vetting quality tenants

Helping you find the very best tenants

We follow a stringent process when looking to secure and vet a potential tenant.

Completing an offer form…

At Fairfield, tenants are first asked to complete an offer form to register their interest and provide detailed information regarding the terms of their offer.

This allows interested tenants to highlight information that was potentially not mentioned on the viewing which could highlight a positive or potentially negative issue for the landlord.  We believe this is an essential part of the process for a landlord and gives any prospective tenant the best chance to secure the property.

The strict rules of taking a holding deposit…

Landlords beware! As part of the Tenant Fees Act 2019 there were strict rules put in place before taking a holding deposit or commencing a tenancy.

It is very important to follow the process correctly, which includes making sure you have provided key documents to the tenant and confirmed the deadline date for agreement in writing.  You are also required to remove the property from the market. Failure to complete this process correctly could cause you to breach the Act.

Referencing a tenant

No landlord wants to find themselves with sitting tenants.

Having a tenant refusing to pay their rent is why it is so important to thoroughly vet potential tenants. In 2019 the Tenant Fees Act 2019 came into force, which prohibits tenants from being charged any fees, including referencing fees. It is now at the landlord’s discretion and expenses whether to reference a tenant, but the advice must be not to accept a tenant without carrying out full referencing.

We use a professional referencing agency that can carry out thorough, in-depth checks on every tenant.

Your tenancy agreement…

Once the tenants have been vetted and approved, we draw up the latest Assured Shorthold Tenancy agreement for signing, setting out the responsibilities of both parties.

We take the tenant’s deposit and register it with the DPS – an approved tenancy deposit scheme. The Fairfield approach is simple. We do everything possible to secure the best possible tenant in the shortest possible time …. and for the best rental price too!

Safe, secure, assured.

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