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Here at Fairfield, we understand how important great tenants are, so we look after you with the same care, attention and customer service as our landlords.

We stand by the fact a happy tenant makes a  happy landlord.


Angela Finn

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Facts & Tips

The Tenants Club will keep you posted with lots of facts and tips on topics that are likely to affect your everyday life during your tenancy.

From knowing how to report a maintenance issue, or maybe wondering if you can paint a bedroom, you will receive regular posts giving you short but useful facts and tips around situations you are most likely to encounter.

Sometimes it is just about receiving snippets of reassurance knowing you are doing the right thing…

Useful guides & news

Do you know what to do if you want to give notice to leave your tenancy? Or maybe you just want to know the process?

What if you just want to know more about the costs you are liable for and whether you will be expected to pay?

These are just some of the useful guides you will have access to when joining the tenants club.

Events, promotions & competitions

If you would like to be kept up to date with local events that we are holding or maybe current offers we have available, simply register your name and email address, then leave the rest to us.

We even run local promotions and competitions, so why not register just to have some fun!

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