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Find out how much your home could be worth.

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The valuation

An experienced member of our team will visit you, take a look at your property, talk to you about your plans and provide you with a realistic, achievable valuation in the current market.

This task is not as easy as you may think. Get it wrong and you could find yourself continually chasing down the value of your property.

The valuation will be based on a number of key factors in addition to the property itself.  We will cover school catchments, transport links, and local amenities, as well as buyer demand and recently sold prices.

A FREE property report with all the facts…..

A Fairfield valuation will also include a detailed report containing lots of key facts about your property and the local market.

This document includes land registry details, planning history, as well as lots of other information like properties sold in your road and other properties recently available near you.

It’s an invaluable tool for getting the asking price right!

Why is the asking price so important?

As a general rule, the first two weeks of marketing should create the most positive interest in your property.

If you get to four weeks and the interest is still high but the offers are low or just not materialising, then this could be the first sign that your asking price has been set too high.

At Fairfield, we work hard to achieve the best price for your property by guiding you from the start with setting the right asking price for your property.

When you sell with Fairfield …. We’ll get the price right!

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