The golden rules to prepare your home for viewings

Posted 05.02.22

A well-presented property really does help to achieve a sale!!

We have put together some golden rules to impress your viewers and to show your property at its absolute best.  A well-presented property that is clean, fresh, and clutter-free will definitely help to sell your home…

Seriously declutter!

Make sure any surfaces and all rooms are clear, it really does help to give the illusion of space.  A potential buyer will be distracted by an overly busy kitchen worktop or a table piled up with papers.  Don’t forget to put the washing away and tidy the rooms scattered with children’s toys. Avoid losing their interest!

Clean homes feel spacious and inviting…

Make your viewers feel relaxed and help them enjoy their journey around your home. Making the effort to thoroughly clean your home can only ever improve your chances of selling and it will give any prospective buyer a positive experience. A clean calm home will enhance the benefits the property has to offer and give an impression of spaciousness.

Fresh air…

It is good advice to air your home before a viewing arrives and try to avoid cooking your favourite spicy dish before any prospective buyers arrive. If it’s chilly outside it is still worth airing your home whilst the heating is on, just so that your home has a fresh feel and the warmth will be welcoming.

Good lighting…

A house full of light will be on a buyer’s wish list so make sure heavy curtains and blinds are open because it will make all the difference.  If it’s dark outside switch on any lamps you have around the house, especially rooms that have a naturally relaxed feeling.

Your outside space…

Most potential viewers will very often take a drive past a property before booking a viewing to make sure they want to look inside.  It is important to keep the front of your property tidy like cleaning the windows, touching up any tired paintwork, tidying the borders, and cutting the grass.  If you want to go that extra mile, why not jet wash the drive and place some planters in strategic places!

Any pets at home?

It may be really difficult to understand why, but not everyone will love your pets as you do.  If it is possible to remove your pet and any of their belongings for the duration of the viewing, it will help to remove any pet smells and give your room a feeling of space.

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Matt Holmes


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