Want to know how to find the right property to buy?

Posted 22.11.21

Finding the right property normally involves speaking to the local agents in the area you are looking to live in and registering your details and requirements with them. But there are a few tips that could make the process completely different for you and help you find the right property.

Build relationships

You should always look to build a relationship with one property consultant within each estate agency.  You can do this by keeping in regular contact with the same person and giving them as much information as possible about the type of property you are looking to buy.  Do not be too specific, but enough details for them to have an idea of what you are looking for.

Make sure you’re available

Be ready to view when their client is available, try to be flexible and ready to view fairly quickly.  Make a point of always calling the agent back if they leave you a message.

The fact is about agents, they love to be able to call the buyers that they know will answer the phone or call them back straight away.  An agent wants to impress their clients by creating viewings quickly, so if they know you will want to come out and view, you will be at the top of their list to call every time!

Regular feedback

Always make a point of calling the agent to give them feedback after each viewing you have with them.  Do not be concerned that the agent will try to persuade you otherwise, it is their job to give you constructive ideas, but more importantly, they will respect you for engaging with them.  A good agent will remember responsive buyers and they will be more inclined to call you when the next property comes on to the market that fits the criteria you have detailed to them.

What if it’s not working…

Keep with it and follow our advice, the calls will come.

Remember…properties that fit your requirements do not come on to the market every day but be ready to view as soon as you get that call!

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Robert Simmons MNAEA
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Robert Simmons MNAEA


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