Do you need permission to have a satellite dish?

Posted 06.02.22

Always ask your tenancy manager

It is very important to request permission to install a satellite dish because there could be other reasons to consider in addition to asking the landlord.

Is it a leasehold property?

If you are in a flat or maisonette then there will be a requirement to request permission from the freeholder of the building. This is more than likely not going to be your landlord, so it is essential that you request permission to avoid breaching the landlord’s duties as a leasee.  Most freeholders forbid anything being fixed to the exterior of the building.  If this is the case there may be an alternative option, but you need to check first…

Is your tenancy a listed building?

If the property is a listed building then you may not have an option allowing you to fix a satellite dish to the building, so make sure you check first.

Get it in writing!

If you make your request in writing then you can’t go wrong.  Once you receive a response in writing you can feel confident to follow any instructions you have been given.

Angela Finn
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Angela Finn


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