If a tenant goes on holiday for more than 28 days they must…

Posted 01.09.21

Inform your tenancy manager

This is often due to the property insurance company who may require the Tenancy Manager to make periodic inspections during these unoccupied periods until your return. Your Tenancy Agreement will have the relevant clause detailing your responsibility.

Ensure the property is adequately heated

If you go away between the months of October and March you must ensure the heating at the property will turn on if there is a risk of pipes freezing.

If you have a gas boiler you will need to ensure it is left on so that the frost setting can kick in if the temperature drops.  If you turn the boiler off then this will stop the frost protection from working.  To be safe we would recommend you leave your boiler on and set the thermostat to 12 degrees, this way it will only switch the heating on if it gets very cold.

If your property has electric heating you must make sure you do not turn the electrics off while you are away.  Check you heaters have a frost setting to make sure they will turn on.

Leave a contact number

If you are not contactable on your normal devices when you go away, make sure you provide contact details of a relative or someone who we can call should there be a situation at your property.  It is always worth doing this just in case there is an emergency.

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